The True Meaning of Giving Red Roses

The meaning of the red rose

by Sharon Maher

in Home & Garden

I have just completed an event where I used the most beautiful red roses, and I thought it would be of interest to discover a little more about the true meaning behind these beautiful, elegant flowers, one of the most commonly given flowers in the world.

From my research I have found that roses have been grown for around 32 million years, and in ancient civilizations from the Greeks, Romans, to the Persians red roses have most certainly been present at weddings and were often part of the traditional wedding outfit to symbolise love and fidelity.

I have found that even in primal times the colour red was a symbol of deep emotion, from a burning desire to the deepest of passion. It is even thought that Aphrodite and Venus both great goddesses of love had a great association with the red rose and from that time to now giving a single red rose implies ‘I love you’.

red roses

The language of flowers or floriography started to be developed in detail during the eighteen century as this was an era when speaking aloud about one’s feelings was not in line with social etiquette of the time and this is when the red rose came into its own as no other flower could state love and passion in quite the same way.

Even through the test of time we still associate red roses with romance, passion and true love today and we still portray different messages through giving different shades of red and quantities of the rose.

Here is how I have translated the meaning of the red rose:

Even today we know the bright red rose is one of the universal symbols of love and by giving someone a single red rose the message being portrayed is true love, whereas when giving a dozen red roses the message one gives is gratitude, and giving twenty-five red roses means congratulation, and twenty five fully open red roses are the perfect anniversary gift.

To give fifty red roses is to show someone unconditional love. Two red roses tied together can symbolise a forthcoming engagement. Different shades of red rose can symbolise different things, for example: a bright red  is for love; a burgundy is for unconscious love, and a dark crimson  is for mourning.

It is said ‘a withered red rose shows love is over’.

A single red rosebud can show a celebration of innocence, fresh young love and beauty.

collection of red roses

Rose petals in shades of red can also be used to show love and romance, left to float in the bath, or simply scattered on the bed or near the fireplace.

If you are writing to a loved one a single red rose petal or petals added to your letters sends a message of true love.

Remember: A single red rose can speak volumes, so send one to someone you love today.

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