How to Throw The Perfect New Years Eve Party

New years eve formal party decor

by Sharon Maher

in Entertaining

Today is New Year’s Eve, one of the most important days in the entertaining calendar year. This is the time to clear the decks and start setting your goals for the coming year.

But more importantly it is THE day of the year for throwing a New Year’s Eve party. A time to celebrate living for now by inviting friends over for a simple cocktail party or a sit down formal dinner.

To create the perfect New Year’s Eve party start by designing a menu, selecting your wines and finding a beautiful dessert.

If that all sounds too much just go for an open house on New Year’s Day instead, where friends and family can just drop by between a certain time for a drink and a few nibbles and a catch up.

If you are feeling romantic have a simple dinner for two accompanied by a glass or three of bubbly.

New years eve cocktail part


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To decorate your New Year’s Eve party you just need to supplement your Christmas decorations with a few candles to create the correct mood. Dress your table with linen and gold ribbon, scatter gold stars, add a central mirror to reflect the light from the candelabra and, for a formal meal, set the table in a classic format.

If you are serving a buffet add an arrangement of several wine glasses with floating flower heads, as the table will be more about showing off your buffet food. Serve party finger food on long trays which you can garnish with herbs or flower heads.

For a simple New Year’s Eve cocktail or drinks party you can just use cocktail napkins rather than plates for nibbles, as there is no work afterwards they can just be thrown away. For simple decor tie a sparkling ribbon to the stem of each cocktail glass, stud lemons and oranges with cloves, use wooden logs to stand plates on, fill different size glasses with candles, use a red apple with a lable attached to denote a placename. You do not need to use every idea just what fits the ocassion.
New years eve buffetl party

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For drinks remember to serve non-alocoholic drinks too, just in case any guests have drawn the short straw and are driving. Choose your wine carefully, a good wine does not mean an expensive price, and you will find if you buy a case or six bottles the price will be much better, plus you must match the wine to the food you are serving. White wine should be served chilled, sparkling wine very cold and red wine at room temperature. Don’t fill wine glasses to the top otherwise the bouquet will not develop. For a cold evening mulled cider is great, filling the room with a great aroma. Here’s a simple recipe.

hot mulled cider recipe

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Remember be careful when adding hot liquid to glass wear, make sure it is suitable and don’t use boiling liquids. With food always use the best ingredients for a tasty meal. But whatever you decide most of all have fun!

Happy New Year to all!

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