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Richard James Suits

by Sharon Maher

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Men’s Fashion Week returned to London for the second time last week. London is now seen as a critical player in the world of male fashion and with its second successful male fashion week under its belt it has now earned a very special place in the world of creative male fashion design.

London is seen to be setting the pace and with £21 billion spent on fashion, of which £9 billion is spent on men’s fashion, in 2012,  it has become a huge benefit to the British economy.

In the 21st century men have started to become fashion conscious consumers just like women and with some great designers now in the male fashion industry men have more choice than ever. Men have no excuses now not to look stylish, whether the clothes are from Savile Row or the high street men’s fashions are hitting you in the face like a plank of wood.  Plus young men are starting to push the fashion boundaries, such as JW Anderson who designed camel-coloured, skirt-length ruffled shorts to wow his runway audience.  These young fashion designers are now the future for fashion as they bring some diversity to the overall look.  With their creative designs filtering down to the high street, male fashion is accessible to everyone. With media coverage being increasingly difficult for your brand, designers are pushing the boat out to get noticed and making a name in the fashion world.

Men’s fashion tip – you must always buy a suit of good quality and fit, and build your style around it.  A Richard James suit is the one for David Cameron, along with Oliver Sweeney shoes.  But you do not need to blow your whole months salary on a designer suit, the high street have some great value suits of quality and style, it is the fit and cut that is important, especially the cut of the trousers.  Skinny fit is current and here to stay, so some males may need to shed a few pounds. If you are of the older generation and have given up jeans you can still look stylish by making sure you get the right cut of trousers.  Everything is in the detail, from buttons on shirts to a pair of stylish glasses. Men have no excuses today.

Male fashion is here to stay, especially with young men being fashion aware right down to the brand of under pants they are wearing.

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Richard James Mayfair Wool and Mohair Suit £465 from John Lewis

Richard James Mayfair Woll and Mohair suit £465 from John Lewis

Richard James Mayfair Dress Suit £525 from John Lewis

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