Quick Supper Snacks – Cheese Dip

by Sharon Maher 17 June 2015
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Here is one of the quick supper snacks that is great to share with friends; just serve it with homemade bread.

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Jamie’s Coconut Bread

by Sharon Maher 19 February 2015
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Jamie’s coconut bread for Sunday tea: after reading the Sunday papers I saw this delicious recipe for coconut bread and decided on a very dull Sunday afternoon that we needed a touch of the Caribbean

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What to Put on My Rustic Loaf?

by Sharon Maher 17 January 2014
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I have made a rustic loaf using flour from my local windmill. I can eat it straight from the oven with some butter, but I have been thinking about being a little bit more adventurous.

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Sunday Breakfast Rolls

by Sharon Maher 7 September 2013
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Sunday morning is a lazy time at our house. My teenage son is usually sleeping in, and it is the day of the week that my husband Nick makes these wonderful breakfast rolls.

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Rustic Italian Style Bread (pane Rustico)

by Sharon Maher 31 August 2013
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I bake my own bread most weekends, and I’ve been experimenting and adapting the recipes from my cook book collection. This delicious rustic Italian style bread is one of my favourites and is so easy to make.

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Spicy Chilli Bread

by Sharon Maher 11 August 2013
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My husband ,Nick, loves hot spicy food. He wants chilli with everything, and this bread is hot, hot, hot!

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