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by Sharon Maher

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Even though I haven’t got green fingers, this year I decided to be a little more adventurous with my gardening and grow a few tomatoes.

I usually depend on family and friends to give me fresh tomatoes for my green tomato chutney, summer salads and homemade soup. Also, I do like to have the odd fresh tomato fried with bacon on a Sunday morning as a special treat.

I thought I would start out with a few patio tomatoes which I popped into individual pots, but the main crop Miss Money Penny I just dropped into ground near my vegetable patch.

Patio Tomatoes

The patio tomato plants were the most successful, producing a delicious small ripe fruit.  Almost every time I passed by several were ready for picking, in fact some never made it into the house - I would just eat them on the spot.  As for the other plants, the tomatoes are mostly green, though much larger, and I have managed to pick one or two and they did have a lovely taste. I have learnt that you must position tomatoes in a very sunny spot to ensure they ripen, but I am hoping they will make tasty green tomato chutney.

Like everything, you cannot just pop them into the ground and leave them. They become a full time occupation, they need canes to stop them falling over, regular watering, not to forget the feeding.  Plus you can not go away without leaving someone to take over your duties.

This week my duties are finally coming to an end, as I have started to harvest the last of my tomatoes including the green ones. I am told that   if you pop the green ones into a drawer and place a banana with them they will ripe, though I think I am going to used them for my Christmas chutney. This year I am hoping the fruit going into the chutney  will be just a little bit more special.

If I decide to grow tomatoes next summer, I am only going to opt for the patio variety, as I am realistic that with my gardening skills I will find patio tomatoes much easier to look after, I will have less stress, and they will still taste delicious.

So as summer is coming to a close I am still enjoying the last of the delicious home grown tomatoes, plus looking forward to my rest until next year.



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