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Decorating with Mirrors

by Sharon Maher 5 June 2015
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Decorating with mirrors could not be easier, with so many styles to choose from. Plus, a well placed mirror in a  room can give

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Upcycle an Old Chair

by Sharon Maher 12 March 2015
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How to upcycle an old chair You can pick up an old wooden chair from a junk store, charity shop, car boot or ebay for a few pounds, and with a bit of tender loving care you can bring it back to life.

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Easy Flower Arrangements at Home

by Sharon Maher 16 February 2015
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Rather than going to the expense of buying a flower arrangement, why not try to create one of these simple displays. These five DIY easy flower arrangements take common household items and a few flowers

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Home Grown Tomatoes

by Sharon Maher 29 October 2014
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Even though I haven’t got green fingers, this year I decided to be a little more adventurous with my gardening and grow a few tomatoes.

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Happy Autumn Finds…

by Sharon Maher 25 October 2014
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A few bright and interesting happy autumn finds to make you smile, from the perfect orange coffee machine to a super orange ball bread bin. Why not indulge yourself in one or two new things to reflect the changing seasons.

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Brighten Your Home This Autumn

by Sharon Maher 21 October 2014
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Brighten your home this autumn by giving it a quick facelift with these simple ideas,and add an extra dimension of colour and texture without blowing the budget.

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Inject Some Summer Colours Into Your Home

by Sharon Maher 12 June 2014
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Inject some summer colours into your home and garden this year with a splash of neon.

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Latest Ideas – Home Trends

by Sharon Maher 15 January 2014
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Here are several stylish home trends and designs to add a splash of colour:

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is Your Kitchen Design A Great Social Space?

by Sharon Maher 24 November 2013
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A kitchen design today is not just based on a place to cook, but also on an area tailored for socialising and even partying. It’s an exciting living space offering endless hours of enjoyment to suit your 21st century living. 

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My Kitchen Wish List

by Sharon Maher 20 August 2013
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As my friend was serving tea from her beautiful Cath Kidston teapot in to matching cups  she mentioned how she would love to get her hands on a “super fridge”.

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