Francis Boulle – an Audience with The Star of Made in Chelsea

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by Sharon Maher

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Recently a dear friend invited me to a talk at my son’s school by Francis Boulle one of the bright young stars of the cult hit reality TV show Made in Chelsea.

I had no idea about the program or Francis Boulle, who was there at the invitation of the sixth formers, and to promote his book Boulle’s Jewels , but accepted the kind offer of a night out and a catch up with my girlfriends.

After a great debate with myself on what to wear I decided simple black trousers and a cashmere black jumper and my favourite Jimmy Choo shoes and a little fur number. Arriving early and with no sign of my dear friends I spied a crowd had gathered outside the entrance to the school hall where Francis Boulle was to speak. It looked more like the queue to get in to a city night club –  with lots of mini skirts, figure hugging dresses, wedged shoes and flimsy tops on display – absolutely no coats darlings!  I felt like a granny – all I needed was a fur hat. Had I got the venue right I asked myself?

Once inside I chose a table at the back, as the sixth formers had bagged the best seats! and eventually my girlfriends, who are all mums at the school, started to float in dressed in their finery.  The school hall looked fantastic as the sixth form girls had decorated it with low lighting, a red carpet up the centre aisle with 6ft  round tables on either side and art deco uplighters hugging the walls. Each tablescape was covered in white linen and adorned with a simple bottle covered in silver paper filled with sparkling black stems, topped with fabulous red glitter balls.  A stage had been created with casual chairs and a two seater sofa, and champagne at the ready for the star guest. Behind the table an enormous sign hung with the name “Frances Boulle”.

When Francis Boulle arrived, a young cheeky faced blond haired man, looking more like my son, the sixth form girls went crazy. Several of them had organised the whole event. I was still unsure, but once he started to chat about his background – he was christened Francis Maximilien Yvan Christophe Boulle; his lifestyle – playing Polo in Argentina, surfing in Kauai or soaking up the sun at the Monaco Grand Prix; his co-actors and his business ambitions, he was actually very entertaining.  Obviously the sixth form girls just wanted to know about who he would kiss on set, who he liked the most and who were his five best friends. My dear friends wanted to know more about how he got into acting, where he went to school, and of course did it help having a rich father, Max Boulle, a successful diamond mining magnate . He was very charming and gave the young people some great advice of doing something you enjoy, working hard and most of all having fun.

He was a lovely young man, I think we will be hearing a lot from him over the years.

All I can say is well done and great job by the sixth form girls!



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