Easy Flower Arrangements at Home

A simple white daisy

by Sharon Maher

in Home & Garden, Tablescape

Rather than going to the expense of buying a flower arrangement, why not try to create one of these simple displays. These five DIY easy flower arrangements take common household items and a few flowers

to create a fabulous centrepiece. Here are five easy flower arrangements:
White daisy arrangement

1. White daisies in a long white tureen

A simple cluster of white daisies arranged around a single church candle in a long white tureen will quickly brigthen up your tablescape. This arrangement can be a single focal point in the centre of your table or you can add a couple more either side for a longer table.
Glass vessels

2. Simple glass vessels

Take an odd number of simple glass vessels and group them together for your table display.  You can use anything that has an interesting shape to achieve a simple yet very sophisticated arrangement. Just add a few flowers or blossom stems to each vessel in the same or contrasting colours to create a very simple but appealing look.

3.Primroses in a China Teapot

Primroses  resting gently in this beautiful china teapot becomes an instant hit for a table display with very little effort. This is one way to put to good use any of your favourite porcelain items hiding in the back of your kitchen cupboard. You can use anything from a dainty milk jug to a china teacup to hold flowers from your garden. To ensure a superb look choose flower colours that reflect the colours in your china.
pink gerberas

4. A single stem of flowers

To create a single stem of flowers you need several long stemmed flowers in a single colour. Tie some matching silk ribbon around the long stems of the flowers near to their heads. Pop them in a tall straight vessel and fill the space with some silver stars or small pebbles to keep the flowers central and then top the vessel with water.  Place on a pyramid of glass mirrors for a little drama  and you have the perfect table centrepiece.
flower dome

5. A delightful flower dome

These flower domes will  sit perfectly on a cake stand, or in an extra large tall cocktail glass to make a very striking floral display.

Start by choosing the correct size floral foam sphere for the vessel you are using and trim the bottom so that it can sit easily.  Soak the foam in cold water for at least 30 minutes. I use chrysanthemums for this display. Start by cutting the stems fairly short and inserting each stem into the foam, repeat until the foam is fully covered.
At Christmas I sit the domes on artifical snow and gives them a sprinkling of glitter to add that Christmas sparkle.
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