November 2014

Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs Recipe

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Scrambled eggs are just so easy to make and by just adding a slice of smoke salmon it gives the whole meal that extra luxurious appeal.

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Old Family Favourite – Toad in The Hole Recipe

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If you like sausages then for an easy supper try this toad in the hole recipe, an old family favourite of ours.  I often make it in a large oblong roasting tin,

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How to Sterilize Jars and Lids

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When making homemade preserves you should sterilize jars and lids for longer storage and to prevent any sickness, plus if you don’t sterilize jars and lids you will find that your jams and chutneys will only last a few weeks.

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Blackened Pork Fillets From Cook with Jamie

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Often at the weekend I pop into my local supermarket to see what is on offer and , to my surprise, this week a couple of pork fillets were just sat waiting for me. 

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Chicken Recipes – Chicken Kiev Jamie Oliver Style

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I have been watching Jamie make some fabulous comfort foods for friends and family, and he just inspired me to have a go at making one of my favourite chicken recipes, chicken Kiev.

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