August 2013

Rustic Italian Style Bread (pane Rustico)

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I bake my own bread most weekends, and I’ve been experimenting and adapting the recipes from my cook book collection. This delicious rustic Italian style bread is one of my favourites and is so easy to make.

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My Kitchen Wish List

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As my friend was serving tea from her beautiful Cath Kidston teapot in to matching cups  she mentioned how she would love to get her hands on a “super fridge”.

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Antonio Carluccio Inspired Mushroom Soup Recipe

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I just love to eat at Antonio Carluccio’s restaurant, my first experience was many years ago in London and one of my favourite dishes is Crema di Funghi Porcini or cream of mushroom soup.

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My Home Office

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Working from home is not a new phenomenon. Going back over time it is the original working environment of many scholars

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Dazzling Summer Beachwear

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Get the hottest summer fashion and dazzle with the latest beachwear. When choosing summer beachwear think about what works for you,

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Spicy Chilli Bread

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My husband ,Nick, loves hot spicy food. He wants chilli with everything, and this bread is hot, hot, hot!

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Carolina Bucci at Astley Clarke

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Carolina Bucci jewellery designs are just so simple and yet so beautiful, they will take you back to your very own childhood of friendship bracelets and lucky charm bracelets.

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A Simple Scone Recipe with A Twist

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Nick’s Uncle Archie and Pansy his dog popped in for a cup of tea today and the cupboard was bare,

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